Education at Grace House


• English Language, General Education and Khmer lesson - Teaching over 270 students a day by local teachers who are assisted by Western volunteers. Grace House believes in giving key positions to local people. 

• State School Support -
Assist children to continue their education in state schools by providing bikes, school uniform, supplies and extra lessons. 

• Free childcare and preschool education. -
Many of our older children are responsible for childcare while their parents work and early years education gives the children a head start. We encourage younger siblings to play at Grace House while the older child studies.

• Computer classes -
Provide a valuable skill for future employment and help our children have equal opportunities.

• Sports Training -
Training and organised matches in football and volleyball


• University and Vocational Training Sponsorship - Young people are provided with financial support for university or training fees and/or living costs.


• Library - A small lending library is currently available to Grace House students with plans to extend this facility to the local community in the near future.


Students learning at Grace House


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