Social Support

Grace House community support 

Social Work Support our social worker and family support workers provide support and counselling to families in times of crisis. Child protection and parenting classes are also an important aspect of their work.
Community / Alternative Care Program aims to seek safe and secure family placements for children from broken homes or at times of crisis.
Rice Aid families who struggle to feed their children are supported with a sack of rice a month. Several elderly people are also given rice.
Lunch Club many of our children do not have a substantial meal everyday leading to malnutrition, developmental and health problems. In providing lunch to the poorest children 5 days a week we hope to relieve this situation.
Medical Care families are assisted to access medical and dental services and funding is provided for medication.
Sanitation and clean water - there is no running water so the villagers use water pumps to draw water from the ground. This water needs to be boiled or filtered before drinking to make it safe. We are trying to provide water filters to the poorer families. Often several families have to share one toilet and one water pump. A health education program helps parents to understand the importance of clean water and sanitation.
Micro Loans non-collateral loans enable villagers to establish small businesses.
House Repairs - many of the children who attend Grace House live in houses made of palm leaves. These houses have a lifespan of approximately one year before the roof needs replacing; the families often cannot afford to repair the palm leaves so we help them when we can.

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