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Children with Disabilities Service


“Disabled children need to be given the opportunity to reach their full potential and be accepted as part of the community.” 

 In Cambodia children with disabilities are often isolated as parents / carers keep them hidden from society.  They may die prematurely due to lack specialist care, neglect or abandonment   We aim to prevent this happening to children in Siem Reap Province by providing specialist care and therapies to enable the children to reach their full potential. The Day Centre for Children with Special Needs was established in January 2012.  A survey of the families attending Grace House Community Centre (GHCC) revealed several children with disabilities living in the community. These children were unable to attend state school and were often isolated in their home. 2015 welcomes the next stage of providing a comprehensive service with the opening of Preahkoun House, Transitional and Respite facility. "Preahkoun" means Grace in Khmer


Meeting individual needs


Children thrive with stimulation, structured play and socialisation. Providing a stable, secure and nurturing environment for children is our aim, with the focus on individual needs. We assess each child and develop an appropriate support plan. 

The enriched learning environment within our day centre and home helps children learn and develop.  We encourage them to make choices for themselves, develop and grow strong.  Assistance with life skills, personal care and communication enables children to reach their full potential. Breaking down barriers, getting involved in the community and trying new experiences are all part of this. Where appropriate, we support children to maintain contact with their families and work towards returning home. Our social work staff also provide therapy for children who have experienced trauma and abuse.


Day Centre

In providing a day centre the children can mix with other children while providing parents/carers with respite.  Local trained staff  offer a structured program designed for the individual child. This program includes activities to enable the development of cognitive, physical, speech and social skills. The children’s development is enhanced by specialist volunteers in physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy. With a focus on education more able children are assisted to progress to mainstream school while others work to a curriculum which supports their needs. Young people are taught life skills with the aim of progressing to employment and independence. 


Preahkoun House - Transitional and Respite Care

Opened in early 2015 Preahkoun House is a purpose built wheelchair accessible home situated in the grounds of Grace House Community Centre. The home provides transitional care for disabled children between 2 - 14 yrs of age who are at risk or unable to be cared for in the community with the aim of reintegrating the child with their family or into long term foster care. Respite care is offered to families of disabled children, sharing the burden of care and helping the family to continue looking after their child.  The home also offers the opportunity for children to board during the week, enabling them to receive education at the day centre and spend weekends with their families. 



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