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In Cambodia young people assist with the family business and care for young siblings leaving little time for recreation activities.  Opened in January 2012 the Youth Centre offers the young people in the villages a space to "be themselves". The club is open to young people ages 14 - 21 and facilitated by 2 local staff members who are assisted by long term volunteers. Outreach work is planned in the future when funding permits.


The Youth Club is concerned, principally but not exclusively, with personal and social development. The goals of the club is to increase the ability of young people to:

           (a) identify and develop their capacities—physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual, social and emotional;


(b) identify and accept their responsibilities, as individuals, citizens, group members;

(c) evaluate the contexts in which they live and act accordingly.

We will assess the success of the Youth Club by judging if the young people are achieving these goals when they begin to show an increasing ability to co-operate with others; to lead and respond to leadership; to exercise choice; to make decisions both alone and with others; to start, maintain and end relationships; to find appropriate expression for anger and frustration, love and affection; to deal with success, disappointment and conflict; and to adopt or reject ideals and viewpoints.


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